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Tic Tac Loan

An ultra fast loan that allows you to pay easily. This loan usually has a shorter term than the Installment loan. With this loan you can take advantage of the 20-day promotion to pay it off in one payment and save even more in membership fees. Eg: a $200 Tic Tac loan with the 20-day promotion, you will pay $245 all inclusive.

Installment Loans

Get an Installment loan of up to $500 and reimburse multiple payments based on your payments frequency. At any time you can pay the entire amount of your loan without any penalty or hidden fees. We will clearly explain the terms and conditions of this loan before approving your application.

Easy, fast and safe

Here at Magocash we understand that life has emergencies that put you in a situation where you are looking for a fast loan. Often, you just need a little help to make ends meet. That's why we offer you loan options that suit your current urgent situation.

Magocash offers you the best opportunity to apply for an online loan from the comfort of your home. The time you decide to trust us, your money is deposited the same day in your bank account.

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